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Why are students demanding for the postponement of NEET UG 2022?

Hyderabad: Lakhs of NEET aspirants are demanding for the postponement of NEET UG 2022. Social media is abuzz with hashtags and viral trends batting for the postponement of NEET UG 2022 exam. Here is the message from a NEET aspirant from underprivileged sections doing rounds in the social media, which highlights the genuine concerns of lakhs of students and also explains clearly the need for postponement. The original message of the student reproduced below: Becoming a doctor is a big dream for many students like me. Unfortunately, the academic calendar has been disturbed for two years due to COVID-19 pandemic. The NEET UG 2022 is scheduled to be held on the 17th of July. The rich and affordable urban families could undergo corporate coaching, while a majority students from poor and middle class segment like me could not afford it. We have to solely depend on self learning mechanisms from home. That is just our fate that we cannot avoid. But the government can support us in re-shaping our fate by postponing the exam by about two months. There are some more reasons that support the postponement of the exam. Three significant reasons are: 1. This will certainly benefit not only lakhs of students like me bust also those, who could not get a better rank in the previous year (NEETUG 2021) exam and want to re-appear for the current year exam. You are all aware that the counseling for previous year admissions has just concluded. Generally, most of the students clear the exam in their second attempt. Therefore, postponement of the exam by at least two months is undoubtedly justifiable as they do not have sufficient time to reappear for the exam in July this year. 2. The students who attempt multiple exams like EAMCET/state entrance exams, JEE and other entrance exams of premier institutions are also scheduled mostly for July. This will be pressure and mental torture for students. 3. The first year MBBS classes have just commenced. So why should the NEET UG 2022 to be conducted so soon? Even if the exam is conducted in July, the students will have to stay idle at home for a few months till the classes commence. Considering these reasons, on behalf of lakhs of under privileged aspirants like me, I sincerely request Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji, Health Minister, Education Minister and National Testing Agency (NTA) to postpone the exam. Postponement of the exam will surely lend us a fair chance to study better and compete better with the privileged children who could afford corporate coaching.The post Why are students demanding for the postponement of NEET UG 2022? first appeared on Telugu Mirchi | Movies | Politics | Movie Review | Gossips | Telugu Cinema.