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Poonam Kaur’ sensational tweet over Jr. NTR creates havoc

Hyderabad: While the whole world was busy with congratulating and wishing Jr. NTR a happy birthday one actress was busy with another way around and made a sensible and thought-provoking tweet and she is none other than Poonam Kaur. But the tweet posted by actress Poonam Kaur has created a sensation. Without writing the name of Jr NTR, she tweeted, “He has been denied love in his growing up years for no mistake of him…from a child to grown-up…immensely respect his journey…may be blessed with all the heart and blessing from the grandfather up above the heaven…best wishes.” In fact, all the words in the tweet are true to the core as Young Tiger had faced a lot of discrimination from the Nandamuri family as he is the son of the second wife of Harikrishna, his late father. Jr NTR fans have appreciated Kaur for boldly speaking about the actor’s life while others criticised her.