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Maruthi to direct his special friend

Hyderabad: Director Maruthi and Stylish Star Allu Arjun share a close bond between each other. From years they have been close and their bonding only grew stronger over the years. It is Maruthi’s dream to direct Allu Arjun one day and he is confident that it will happen soon. Maruti is a young philosopher who creates beautiful family entertainment with pictures. Recently, Sai Dham Thej had a super hit with his sentimental story and story set while he was entertaining himself. Josh, who gave the film success, is currently working on a script for the new movie. Meanwhile, Maruti has been looking forward to doing stylish star Allu Arjun Chance for a while. Maruti Dream is to be made with Allu Arjun. That dream seems to be coming true soon. Recently, a good story was prepared by Kallisi Panicheddamuni, Allu Arjun’s visionary Maruti. In the mean time, Allu Aravind has offered Maruthi to direct a web series. Though initially he is reluctant, finally the source reveals that the director has decided to step in new horizon. “He will be making web series for Allu Aravind garu very soon. Post lock down there will be a meeting between the two” revealed the source. Maruthi has accepted Allu Aravind’s offer just for Bunny it seems.