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Do you know how Rashmika charge for a film?

Hyderabad: Rashmika Mandana appears in the list of heroines who are going on a succession on the Telugu screen. Her ‘Geeta Govindam’ pairing with Vijay Deverakonda was a sensational success. With the film’s craze, she made her debut in the 26th film of Mahesh Babu. In the early years of her career, it was not an easy task for her to hit Chance opposite Mahesh Babu. You may think, If Mahesh Babu is a pair, she would have agreed to a lesser payment? But no, It is said that the actress will be paid more than a crore of rupees. The producers claim that Rashmika has not hesitated to pay the amount due to the craze in Youth.If ‘Dear Comrade’ turn out to be a hit, it is not surprising that her remuneration will increase even more.