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Anasuya gets trolled heavily over KTR tweet

Hyderabad: Yesterday both the Chief Ministers of Telugu States announced lock downs for their respective states which means borders of these two states will be sealed and no one can enter and no one can exit. Also both the CMs has asked people to come out of their houses except if it is extremely necessary. Actor and television anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj who earned a name for herself with her glamorous appearances on the small screen and amazing performances in ‘Rangasthalam’ and ‘Kshanam’ is getting heavily trolled for her tweet to Telangana’s IT and Municipal Affairs minister KTR. But Anausya had a special request where she asked KTR to exempt people like her in the industry so that she can help others in turn by working. Anasuya said “Sir..with due respect & will to abide by the Govt..just to throw light..considering some professions..if we can’t go to work..we don’t make our incomes..but we have to bear monthly mandatory expenses like house rent, power bills, EMIs, etc..request you to consider such situations. The tweet triggered many of her followers, who berated and abused the talented anchor, accusing her of being insensitive to the emergency situation the world is in. They told her to not parade her worries when millions are going through hard times.